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Everything you wanted to know about oil

and more. I don’t know how into motor oil you are but i have a pretty good interest in how it works and why. This site from Bob the oil guy is full of great info. He also has a nice comparison of air filters including the K & N brand.

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Dr. Phil rides motorcycles

He also saved a soldier in Iraq from coming home and killing himself on a sport bike. It appears the soldier came home and bought a sportbike with his savings and was only going to wear a helmet. The problem is he has never been on a motorcycle and his mom took his keys to […]

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How about a police Hayabusa? You won’t run away from this one.

The bike is from a drug seizure and took them two years to get together. But, it is fully functional police interceptor. Has lights, siren, beetle bags (not pictured), officer even wears a full face Symax painted to look like the half shells they wear. (Gold and black) The lights are in two bars under […]

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So that’s what cruise control is for

I always thought cruise control was to “assist” in driving your car. I was apparently not completely aware of all it could do. You see these two guys can set their cruise control and get out of the car to enjoy the ride from outside. This is about is stupid as it comes but pretty […]

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What if you took a motorcycle motor…..

and put it in a go kart. Not just any bike engine but a Gixxer block. Sounds kinda crazy right? Well it is. You can check out a video of some folks in Germany that did just that.

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“The meek shall inherit the earth” next gen scooter

Loosely categorized in motorcycles, this BMW scooter comes with seat belts, weather protection, so many safety features that helmets won’t be required. Pretty cool looking, though you won’t see many Harley folks riding them. I’d take it for a spin, but it looks like they won’t be selling in the US.

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Motorcycle accident caught on helmet cam

Unfortunately when you ride on a bike people in cars tend to do some stupid things. This video, captured on the riders helmet cam, is a perfect example of what I am talking about. I am very glad to see that he survived but I know he had to be hurting.

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Never let a biker walk the dog

Here is a perfect example of why someone who just wants to go for a motorcycle ride should never walk a dog.

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The Ariel Atom

Ever hear of it? Don’t worry I hadn’t either but it can blow the doors (you know what I mean) off of a Honda CBR600RR. This is a car you have to see in action to believe. The really amazing thing is the low price of $29K pounds. I have to get one of those […]

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Car tire on a motorcycle?

Sure why not. The guy at this site has tried it and finds it to be a huge improvement. I must say It has me wanting to try the same. Think about the better grip and unbelievable mileage a car tire would yield on a bike. Not only that they are in many cases cheaper […]

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