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How to play

Yahtzee is a game with Chinese origins. It is played with dice, and is vaguely similar to Poker. You get five dice, and you have three throws to score as many points as you can.

After each throw, you can either choose to hold the dice you are happy with and throw the others again, or you can choose a slot in which to score. You MUST choose a slot in which to score after your third throw, if you have not done so already.

You can score each slot only once. If your throw cannot score in any of the available slots, you must choose one in which to score 0.

How to score

There are two sections to score in: Upper and Lower.

Upper Section

In the Upper section, there are six score slots, from Ones to Sixes. These are scored by adding the number of the appropriate dice together.

For example, if you throw:

you could score as follows:

If your Upper Section score totals 63 or greater, you are awarded a bonus of 35 points.

Lower Section

In the Lower section there are seven score slots. These work as follows:

Let's go!

Ok if you've digested all that, then you're ready to play. It's very easy really.

Click Roll'em to roll the dice and click the Hold buttons under each die to hold. When you're ready to score, click the button with the appropriate score name on it.