I read an interesting article about a former Apple and Microsoft executive named Linda Stone. She has coined the phrase for an epidemic she identified as continuous partial attention. I have thought about this situation before now but she seems to think it is a great concern for our society and on an epidemic scale. I must say I tend to agree. I mean if you really think about all of the Blackberrries, email, instant messaging, cell phones, and the hundreds of other distractions we have every day you must wonder how much attention you have to give to each item you are working on. Are we really ever giving any task or project full attention? I don’t think so and I think that is why everyone feels that they are always falling behind and unable to acheive what seems like simple goals. They are simple tasks, we are just working on them all at the same time. I once thought having all of this connectivity and availability made us perform better but looking back on it all I believe we have negated a very powerful tool. The ability to focus! What do you think?