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Network Documentation Made Easy with SYDI

SYDI is the open source project aimed to help you to document your network. SYDI consists of a collection of scripts which collects information from your servers and networks, then writes the data to a report. There are scripts to document Windows Machines, Exchange, SQL, and Linux. It works really slick. Give it a try. […]

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iPhone Find My Phone login problem

With the new iPhone version 4.2 Apple has made the Find My Phone feature of MobilMe free. If you have the old ID style login and not an email address you will have trouble logging in. The fix below worked for me. I found it here on the Apple forums. Easy Fix that worked for […]

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How to get Active Directory Users and Computers with Exchange Management Tools working in Windows 7

When I first migrated to Windows 7 I noticed that I could not get the Microsoft Exchange tools and tabs to show up in Active Directory Users and Computers. I finally found this walkhrough on the site linked below and low and behold I can now manage it from my Windows 7 desktop. A beautiful […]

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Find out what hardware is in your Linux box

When you buy a new PC, laptop or server and install a Linux you want to know what hardware is actually in the Linux box and more importantly which piece of hardware is supported by the kernel out of the box and which needs special tweaking with modules to get it work. Here is a […]

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Cisco VPN Key decoder

Ok so I have had a few times now when nobody remembers what the VPN passwords are as we just exchange profile files. If you want to go back and look them up you can’t as they are hidden both on the client and on the firewall ends. This cool little page will allow you […]

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Intel Processor Specifications

Ever wanted to know if that Intel processor you have is dual core? Maybe the cache size or bus speed? Well if so you are going to want to check the link below out. It takes you to Intel’s site where you can easily look-up all the details and information on your processor. Click here […]

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SMTP Service for IIS Won’t Start

I recently installed the SMTP service on a new server and it would not start. I would receive an error to check the event log but nothing was even logged. What ended up fixing the problem was the following: Check this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SMTPSVC for a dword value called Start. If it’s not there, create […]

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How to test sending and receiving of a fax machine

Presumably, you want to test your fax machine by sending a fax from it and receiving a fax with it. Here’s how to do both: To test the send functionality of your fax machine, send a one-page fax to 1-888-877-1655 or 1-503-200-1300.  When it’s finished transmitting, point your web browser to Fax Toy — it’s a […]

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Logon screen background changer for Windows 7

So I finally made the move to a new OS after running Windows XP for what seems like forever. I am now running Windows 7 and I must say so far I really do like it.   One feature I love is how I can switch my backgrounds and have them keep changing automatically. What is […]

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Own a Amazon Kindle and need some shorcuts??

Ok here you go. Don’t say I never gave you anything. Any mode: Display related: o alt+shift+G: grab screenshot (screen flashes and a file is placed in your documents, visible when connected to the computer) o alt+G: redraw display Editing: * alt+DEL: delete all text in edit window Music playback: o alt+<space>: play/pause music. Also […]

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