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Another smooth as silk Microsoft demonstration

Apparently Microsoft just loves to do product demos. The only problem with that is they demo how it “actually works”. You can check out this video from a recent demonstration of the upcoming Windows Vista speech interface. It works about as well as I expected it to. 🙂

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Battle against the MPAA

“Shawn Hogan, CEO of Digital Point Solutions, has found himself on the receiving end of an MPAA lawsuit claiming he downloaded a copy of ‘Meet the Fockers’ on Bittorrent. Mr. Hogan both denies the charges as well as claims he already owns the movie on DVD. After being asked to pay a $2500 extortion fee, […]

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Power requirements of game consoles

I just read a very interesting article regarding the power requirements of the major game consoles. Some of the figures were very surprising. I personally have a 360 and it is using 2 Watts of power when it is turned off. What is really surprising is that while playing an average game it is using […]

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The website is down! Did someone take the Xbox?

Sounds like a funny statement but it actually happened. A university IT department apparently put Linux on an Xbox and installed it in their server room. It was then used for their students to work on their web projects. When the helpdesk started getting calls that the site was down a hunt for the missing […]

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The easy way to audit.

So I have said for years as everyone in the security industry has “security is as good as your weakest link”. A couple of auditors for a credit union have performed a very real example. They laid USB drives where employees would find them that had trojans on them. These trojans then emailed persaonal info […]

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Need to break your crackberry addiction?

It is a very valid concern that people truly can’t live without their always on email connection. It wasn’t till recently that I couldn’t be away from my business email for more than a short time. That kind of constant need to be in communication with the whole world is what has one Chicago area […]

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Origami or should I say the Ultra-Mobile PC?

Well it has finally been released and it is very cool. I can’t wait to see all of the hardware variations vendors come up with. I think the best part is that it runs a full version of Windows XP. No busted down, you can’t run that application, OS for this thing. It is a […]

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Microsoft Mystery – Ultra Mobile PC

The origami project from Microsoft is causing quite a bit of curiosity on the tech there anything to it? I will be watching with everyone else to see if this device merits all the hype! Update, as people speculate, Microsoft is keeping the details pretty tight. News you can use: Origami is nothing special, […]

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The most amazing simple advancement in generating electricity

Flynn research has developed a motor capable of generating electricity 4 times more efficiently than current motor designs. The amazing thing is all he really did was add carefully placed permanent magnets in addition to the current placement in standard motors. No special exotic minerals or chemicals here. This could really help the automotive industry […]

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Coolest touchscreen I have seen yet

Check out this link for the coolest touchscreen interface yet. It allows you to use both hands at the same time. I know it doesn’t sound like a big advancement but watch the video and see all of the new possibilities that will result. Apparently it was invented at NYU and patented by Apple.

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