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Exchange Recpient Policy based on Group Membership

You can create a Recipient Policy based on group membership, and make all CompanyA users member of a CompanyA group and all CompanyB users member of a CompanyB group. Here’s how: Create a new recipient policy, make it a Custom Search, select the Advanced tab and enter your query like (&(memberOf=CN=companya.users,OU=Service,DC=companya,DC=com)) Set the email address […]

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Conficker Virus Eye Chart

The site linked below will display images that if you are infected with the Conficker virus will most likely be blocked. It can be a quick and reliable way to know if you may be infected. Eye chart is located here

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Network tools on YouGetSignal is a collection of network tools that Kirk Ouimet started working on in late September of 2007. The name of the site, YouGetSignal, is a nerdy play on a line of broken English from the infamous “All your base are belong to us” cut scene. Some of the tools on the site include: Port […]

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Interactive map of the Linux Kernel

If you follow this link it will take you to an interactive map of the linux kernel. It is really interesting and works a lot like Google maps for navigation.

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Disable Autochk on Startup

If you have very large volumes on a server you have no doubt experienced a long boot as the volumes are checked for errors. I have found the information below to turn off disk checking on boot for specific drives. The first can be done via command prompt and the second is the registry change […]

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Googles M-Lab network diagnostic tools

Use tools running on Google’s M-Lab to test your Internet connection. The following tools are cuurently on the site and are very useful indeed. You can check out the site here. *   Network Diagnostic Tool Test your connection speed and receive sophisticated diagnosis of problems limiting speed. *  Glasnost Test whether BitTorrent is being […]

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Synergy – KVM without the hardware

Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware. It’s intended for users with multiple computers on their desk since each system uses its own monitor(s). Redirecting the mouse and keyboard is as simple as moving the mouse off […]

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How to Create a Browse Tab in Excel

Spreadsheet tables are great for computers, but difficult for people – all that scrolling right and left to see all the data in a row. A Browse tab is a freely arranged screen of data taken from a single row with a scrollbar for navigation among rows. A high number of columns poses no constraint, […]

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Open each Excel spreadsheet in new window

I am sure you have noticed that when you already have a spreadsheet open and you open another via Windows Explorer it opens in the same instance of Excel. How great would it be to have each spreadsheet open in it’s own instance (multi monitors anyone?). Well you can and it’s easy to do. Just […]

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Sound and ringtone editor

I have found and used a nice little application to edit sounds and make ringtones. It’s called WavePad Sound Editor. A full featured professional audio editor for Windows or Mac OS X. It lets you make and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts […]

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