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Mounting a NAS volume on your Apple Mac OS X

When I first bought my Mac notebook I had no trouble connecting it to my NAS via Connect to server in finder. I could also launch the connection on startup via my user startup login setup. The problem came in when I went away from my network or the system was asleep for a long […]

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Use the web anonymously

No, I mean really anonymously. You have for a long time been able to use proxies to surf the web and reasonably hide your IP and information. Now a Swiss company has setup a completely new commercial darknet. They have software you install on your machine (mind you the software is not US made in […]

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Online machine shop

I found this site today and must say I can see myself using this many times in the not too distant future. It is an online machine shop. You download software from their site, design your part, and then upload the design. They will then manufacture the part using several options for the process to […]

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