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Motorcycle show at the Cleveland I-X

This Saturday we went to the motorcycle show at the Cleveland I-X center. It was a great show and the new bikes are better than ever. They had a nice custom builder display as well and I have included pictures of it and some of the show. It was nice to see more custom bikes […]

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Ride to Work Day!!!

 This Wednesday July 16th is Ride To Work Day.  Like I need to tell you a reason to get on your bike and ride but…well….be sure to ride!!  

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Bose makes stereos right?

Well yes they do. Some of the best in the world. What you may not realize is that they also have been developing a state of the art automobile suspension system. It’s hard to explain how truly amazing the system is. It’s better to just see it in action here. It uses linear electromagnetic motors […]

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So why can’t we make it through a traffic light?

That is my question after seeing this video of traffic in India. Maybe our traffic laws actually cause problems. That does it for me. I think I’m going to drive like this from now on. Hehehehe

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New AMA public safety video

The AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) has just finished filming their new public safety video. It was filmed in Ohio with AMA members and will be provided free to TV stations. I wonder how many times we will actually see this video air. One interesting fact is that motorcycle accidents are up 85%. I hope things […]

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Flight 93 memorial

A buddy and I went for a motorcycle ride to see the flight 93 memorial today. I must say it is something you should go and see as well as pay your respects to those that lost their lives. It will most certainly refocus your support on the war on terror in this world. Ride […]

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Motorcyle safety quiz question

Scenario: You are riding a bike at a constant speed.  On your left side is a drop off and on your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you.  In front of you is a galloping pig which is the same size as your bike and you cannot overtake it.  […]

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Hit by lightning while riding a motorcycle?

It is not only possible but it happened in Colorado recently. Apparently a man was struck by lightning while riding his sportbike and wrecked, sliding 150 feet. He was killed instantly. No more riding in thunderstorms for me.

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Crazy people in cages

Motorcycles are dangerous enough without having to worry that some crazy person is going to run you down. That is exactly what happened in North Carolina where a car dragged a motorcycle he ran over for 4 miles. That’s right he hit a bike and then kept driving with the bike and rider under the […]

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The motorcycle tow truck

Really a bike that can tow a car. A full size car. Crazy as it sounds in these videos you can watch just how well it can be done. That’s it folks I have seen it all now.

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